Skyblock 2.0 Release!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Tyler, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Tyler

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    Hey guys, it's been a bit but it's finally here. I really hope you enjoy this new version of Skyblock as we've tried really hard to balance everything to make the server even more enjoyable and more of a challenge than before.

    Here's some of the changes that have been made:

    • Completely revamped and improved economy (examples are shop prices, crate/lucky block/other rewards, gen chest generation rates & costs, and more)
    • New spawn built by @FFLeXample :)
    • Big donator rank changes, such as perks and kits. (Now each rank has a daily & weekly kit, and they aren't as overpowered and 'pay to win' as before)
    • Monthy Crate has been redone, will be cheaper from /buy and not as OP.
    • Vote Party rewards will now just be 1 'Vote Crate' which work like the monthly crates and give 3 random decent rewards.
    • New layout for the kit gui & tag gui
    • & much more

    I didn't feel like taking as long as I usually do on a post, so I just gave some details on the main changes/improvements. Come check out the server to see more. :)

    Also as said before, everything has been reset as this is a completely separate server from our first Skyblock. Donator ranks are the only things that are kept, islands, money, everything else has been reset.

    You will now only see this new Skyblock in the server gui, but you will still be able to connect to our old Skyblock to play it if you wish, by using '/join skyblock' or clicking the NPC in the hub with the name 'OLD SKYBLOCK'.

    In regards to the Youtube/Twitch ranks I mentioned before, you will be able to apply for them soon on our forum, once I add in the forum category for them. The requirements will also be posted in that category soon.

    Thanks for your patience, and I hope some of you stuck around long enough to see what we've been working on. Planet Realms will not 'die' anytime soon and will continue to grow with your support.
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  2. Armagedden

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    Good work Tyler! Expect some new and OLD players coming back this season! Get ready because this season is way more competitive than last season. :p
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  3. Quantum

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    Congrats on finishing a new server. Can't wait to play again with new or old players.
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  5. Sparrou

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    I'm really glad Tyler came out with Skyblock 2.0, and that the players are having fun testing and playing this new server of 2.0. I hope everyone has a fun time playing. I really know I am!

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