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    I lost track of the update number, but here's some new stuff on the server. There's not too much as some other stuff is more 'back end' and not stuff noticeable in game.

    Join our community on discord if you haven't yet:

    • The skyblock server is now connected to a hub, currently we do not have any other gamemodes other than skyblock, but this opens us up to something new in the near future.
    • Atoms & the Loot Chest: The Loot Chest in the hub is a way to get access to the (currently limited) collection of hats, gadgets, and pets. You will soon be able to obtain atoms by voting, I just have to set up global voting.
    • You can click the compass in your inventory, or click the Skyblock NPC to go to the skyblock server.
    Generator Chests: Multiple changes to generator chests that I hope you will enjoy.
    • No more limits. I have removed the 2 per type per player limit, as it could be buggy at times, and I'd rather let you keep buying if you have the required exp.
    • Removed the really buggy item 'splash' effect when the ores generate. Now to tell when your chest is full or your ores generate, there is a hologram that displays 'Generating..' and will change to either 'Generated!' or 'Full!' temporarily when ores try generating. The same sounds still play.
    • Here's some screenshots of above ^ -
    • Lower prices. I have slightly lowered the prices in '/genchests'.
    • Each generator chest has it's own generation time & generation amount. This is a great addition I really hope will work well, you can also view this new info in the '/genchests' menu. Coal generates the quickest, and diamond takes the longest.
    Rewards: (The daily / weekly / monthy rewards NPC at spawn)
    • That reward that has been 'coming soon' for awhile is finally here!
    • Available for all players, every week you can get either 1 double exp booster for 15 minutes, or 1 double mcmmo exp booster for 15 minutes. It changes each week.
    Island Panel: (/is panel)
    • The custom menu that would previously open when you use /is cp or click the 'Island' NPC at spawn has been replaced with a cleaner/nicer looking menu that I decided to rename to panel, as you can now access the default skyblock control panel with /is cp.
    • You can now access the shop, atom shop, genchests shop, and permshop through here too.
    • Just a minor addition: The announcements that show in chat will now be displayed as an action bar too (the thingy above your exp bar)
    Shop Changes & Spawner Upgrades:
    • Ore sell prices & farm material sell prices have been modified, hopefully to decrease the need to afk mine and increase the need to create farms.
    • The price for iron golem drop upgrades have been increased a bit, as they can be pretty overpowered.
    Misc Changes / Fixes:
    • A few misc bugs have been fixed.
    • You will no longer receive fall damage when being teleported back to your island after falling into the void.
    • Punishments have finally been fixed, so make sure you follow the rules!
    I hope you guys enjoy these changes. This will be one of the last updates to Skyblock as we are preparing to add a new server to Planet Realms to expand and become something greater. More information will be released on what the game mode is once we start working on it more.

    I will also be giving out the Vote Top reward to @Triumphator in the next day or so, I apologize for slacking on that. August's Vote Top rewards will be announced in the next day or so also.
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    Thanks Tyler for creating amazing features for the server and community and can't wait for new updates.
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    Thanks Tyler for working so hard on these amazing updates. I hope to see good tensions on the server soon!
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