Planet Realms Update #5 (RESET!!!!)

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    Hey guys, the reset is finally here. One of the things you are most looking forward to are your keys I promised you based on your island level, please do not ask about these, I will get them to you in the next 24 hours.

    Of course, it being a reset, means everything has been reset and all players are starting fresh. You do not lost your donator rank and you do not lose your monthly votes. The top voter reward for July still stands.


    • Added pumpkin and increased/decreases prices of numerous items including IG Spawners.
    • AtomShop: Removed god apples, replaced with 1 hour 2x Exp Booster
    Daily Rewards:
    • I have slightly nerfed the rewards you get from the sort of new daily rewards system.
    Gen Chests:
    • The generation time has been slightly increased
    • New limits to prevent players having an insane amount: 2 per player per type. This means 1 player can have 2 of each type of gen chest on their island. This is per player, not per island, so the more people you have on your island the more gen chests you can have.
    Void Teleport:
    • I have removed the feature that teleports you back up to your island when you fall off. So if you fall off your island now, you will die and lose items.
    • This was so I can re-enable fall damage, as to use that feature I had to disable fall damage so you wouldn't die after being teleported back up.
    • I have removed AutoPickup from PermShop until I fixed a few bug with it, and probably make it work for all blocks, not just blocks from your generator.
    • Wasn't part of perm shop, but I have disabled AutoSmelt, read below under 'New Features' to find out why.
    Scoreboard Stuff:
    • Staff and donators now have a prefix & name color above their head, and regular players have a gray name tag.
    • Your health is now displayed under your name tag above your head.
    • I've added the exp levels / money / atoms on purchase back to all the donator ranks.
    • This was often abused, you can no longer report yourself or staff members with /report.
    • Removed baby zombies from spawners (they won't spawn anymore)
    Big Changes / New Features:

    • Missions have been completely reworked, and it is way easier for me to add new missions now.
    • All missions require you to claim the rewards from the /missions menu, so you won't have to worry about losing your rewards in mob arena.
    Island Upgrades:
    • Island Upgrades have been reworked, all bugs fixed.
    • There are also two new upgrades, along with an improved ore generator system.
    • You can now upgrade your generator, team size, and island size.
    • Abilities is something new, sort of similar to custom enchants but very different.
    • You can access the abilities menu to buy and view the abilities with /abilities
    • You can view abilities you have access to with /myabilities
    • Abilities can give you things like permanent speed, permanent night vision, auto smelt, and more.
    Flight Orbs:
    • Something else that has been greatly reworked.
    • Flight Orbs now only last 15 minutes each instead of the old 30 minutes.
    • Flight time saves when the server restarts (But can still expire while you are offline)
    • Flight Orbs time now stack, meaning you won't have to wait for your orb to expire to use another one, use the 4 you get from voting and you get an hour of uninterrupted fly!
    • Added particle trails, these have been on the server for as long as Daily Rewards have been. Donators have access to a decent variety of trails.
    • Added pets, these will be spawnable by donators and possibly added to crates to give all players a chance to get a pet. These won't be available for a couple days.
    I think that's all, that was pretty long. I wanted to do the best I can to fix and improve the server and its current features while also introducing new features. I didn't want to just give you a boring reset with nothing new or changed. If you have any suggestions on things you think we should change, add, or remove, feel free to leave a suggestion in the suggestions forum, and if you find any bugs report them in the bug reports forum.

    I hope you guys enjoy this update even though we had a reset, but you won't have to worry about another reset, at least for a long time.
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    Nice Job, Welcome all to the new and improve PlanetRealms
  3. Armagedden

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    Nice Job Tyber, Welcome everybody to the new Planet Realms!

    (just waiting on my staff rank on the server) lol :p

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