Planet Realms Skyblock2 Update #1

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  1. Tyler

    Tyler Owner Owner Developer

    Hey guys, I'll be back to doing weekly changes to the server as I used to do, so here's what I've been working on and what is now on the server.

    Small Changes:
    • Old Skyblock has been removed from our network, and completely replaced with Skyblock2. There will not be a way to connect to the old skyblock server, and it will not be seen again. :c
    Bugs Fixed:
    • Fixed a bug allowing you to toggle other player's abilities in the /myabilities (player) menu, lol
    • Fixed a bug with monthly crates resulting in a player being stuck in the menu (or a chest, I forget?)
    New Features:

    Abilities Changes:
    • Added a few new cool abilities...
      • Head Hunter: 30% chance to get a killed monster/animal's head
      • Strength: Permenant strength potion effect
      • Lucky: 25% chance to get double EXP from killing monsters or mining ores
      • Bull: 20% chance to dodge a hit when a player attacks you in pvp
      • Profit Boost: Get an additional 10% of your earnings when selling items to the shop
    • And a couple misc balancing changes..
      • Renamed to 'Not Hungry' to 'Small Stomach', and instead of always keeping your hunger full, it now gives you an extra hunger bar every time you eat something. For example, Melons would normally give you 1 hunger bar, but with 'Small Stomach', it will give you 2 hunger bars.
      • Lowered the extra hearts for 'Absorption'. Instead of 2 extra hearts per level, you now only get 1.
    Lag & Lag Reporting:
    • Like our previous ClearLag plugin we had on the old skyblock, I have added a new plugin here that will automatically remove entities (not armor stands, minecarts, item frames, or villagers) to help prevent lag.
    • Staff ranked moderator or higher can manually clear entities, this is something new that will be helpful in case me or Uploader are not online and spawners start to lag the server.
    • Players can use '/reportlag' once every 5 minutes (to prevent spam) and a message will be sent to online staff so they can look into the cause of the lag and if it's on the server's end, they will try to stop the lag.
    • Lockette has been added back to the server, so you can now protect your chests and such again by placing a sign on it with [Private] on the first line.
    Staff List:
    • Typing /staff will now show you a gui with our staff's heads in it. You will be able to see their online status, and if they are offline, it will show you how long ago their last login was.
    • You can also use /apply to open this menu, and there is a book and quill inside you can click for a link to our staff application forum. This will hopefully be an easy way to tell players how to apply.
    Generator Chests:
    • Generator chests were removed while we thought of a way to re-balance them, and I believe we have found a way, they will be added back to the server in the next day or so, I just thought I'd list it here to let you know.
    • You will now have to be in a certain radius of the chest for it to generate. I currently haven't decided what the radius will be, but as Uploader and I work today to balance them out, I will let you know.
    /rename command for Star+:
    • A new feature for all donator ranks, you will be able to use /rename to rename the item you are holding. You can use color codes, and if you want spaces, you must use an underscore. Example: '&b&lMy_Cool_Sword' will turn into: 'My Cool Sword'.
    McMMO 'Books':
    • Similar to the money notes and exp bottles you can get from crates and other ways, we will now have mcmmo exp books. You can not withdraw mcmmo exp, however these will be obtainable from crates (and possibly other ways) and you can click to redeem the exp for whatever skill the book is for, or trade it with other players.

    That's all for now. Thanks for sticking around and being patient with us, those of you that came back after this second reset. Uploader and I have much planned for the server, so stay tuned for more. :)

    If you have any suggestions, want anything added, removed, or changed, or find any bugs, feel free to create a thread in the appropriate section.
  2. Quantum

    Quantum Member

    Nice work again Boss,
    We are glad to have these updates to improve game experience and gain more players through features.
    Once again good work.

    Tyler have gained a Doughnut!
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  3. Armagedden

    Armagedden Head Admin Head Admin

    Good job Tyler,
    It was good working with you on these updates (abilities, mcmmo books, lag etc. Glad to be able to work with you everyday!

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