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We have decided to open our server early, so you can start playing right now!

The IP is

You can vote for rewards by typing /vote in game or by going to the vote tab on our website and clicking the links.

We have 2 new staff members that have been added to our team:


We are still looking for 1-2 more Helpers, so head over to the "forum" tab and go down to applications and apply!
I'm happy to announce we have decided on a release date for the server.

The server will be unwhitelisted and open for anyone to join on Friday, June 9th, at 3PM EST.

The server may have bugs or things we need to change and improve so we would appreciate it if you report any bugs or glitches you find to staff in game or on the forum immediately.

Please be aware our release will sort of be a beta, and we indeed are expecting bugs with our custom plugins that we have yet to squish.

Server IP:
Welcome to Planet Realms!

Planet realms is an upcoming Minecraft Skyblock server. Currently a release date is unknown, but it will be sometime in the near future.

You can connect with us here on our forum, on Twitter, or on our Discord server for more information and updates.