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Hey guys, as unfortunate as it may be for some of you, I have decided that we will be doing a reset. You can view all the info on why and what will be reset in this thread:

I have decided to close the poll and it is currently 8-10 with more people not wanting the reset, however the reset in my opinion is very needed. I want this server to succeed and I only want what is best for it, which in my opinion is a reset with a fresh start for all, as the economy was just too unbalanced at the start of the server last month and many players got very rich and overpowered very easily.

I will be rewarding current players with rewards once we reset, and the reset will include an update to the server that I hope you guys will enjoy. Here's info on the rewards and how to be eligible to redeem them:

The reset will be sometime in the next week or so, I understand if you don't want to play for now so you don't basically play for no reason, but I really hope you stay and I hope you play when the reset happens. I do not have a definite day of the reset as I have a lot I want to work on, but in a few days I will announce some details and a definite day, I'll try to post some updates on our Twitter as I'd like to get more active on that. Follow the official Planet Realms twitter: where I post updates, news, and will occasionally do giveaways like the one we just had for the Cosmic rank.

Sorry to make this thread long but I just wanted to get all the info in here, and also to clarify, if you purchased a donator rank, won a donator rank, or received a donator rank in any other way, you will not lose it. If you purchased atoms recently I will do my best to give them back to you, please send me a private message on the forum after the reset and I will help you out.
The poll will still be up for another day or so, please vote on this thread's poll if you have not already:

I have been thinking, and some people do want the reset while a little more people don't, however I was considering a way of giving players rewards based on your current island level, so if/when we reset, you will be given crate keys based on your island's level.

Here's the crate keys / the amounts I was thinking, based on your island level:
  • Less than 100: 2 Mission Keys
  • 100-200: 5 Mission Keys
  • 201-300: 1 Planet Key
  • 301-500: 2 Planet Keys
  • 501-800: 3 Planet Keys
  • 801-1000: 3 Planet Keys, 1 Spawner Key
  • 1001+: 3 Planet Keys, 2 Spawner Keys

I believe these are fair as you can get either something good, or something not so good out of these crates, and it will allow you to have something to start out with.

So I know everyone's level and for you to be eligible for the key rewards if we do reset, please post a screenshot below of you chatting on the server, showing your island level as shown below:
If you do not post your level below how I displayed above, you will not be eligible for the key rewards and will not be given rewards if we reset the server.
Please read the whole thread before you get worried.

I know you are probably thinking we are crazy, right?! Well, @FFLeXample and I were talking it over and were considering doing a reset. You may have seen these happen on other servers, usually every few months (or more) or so, and even though we are only on the second month of being released, a lot has been going on and a lot has changed. We have discovered a lot more about our economy, and we believe we have balanced it a bit more, but with the insane amount of money some players were able to get and share, it has overall ruined the economy. We believe a reset would be a nice fresh start now that we have a lot of new features and an understanding of how the server and it's features work together. I really want to do this, so I'd really like your opinions on how you feel about this.

Here's what would be reset:
  • Islands (and of course /is top & /is level)
  • Money
  • Atoms
  • Mission Progress
  • Punishments (Bans / kicks / warnings)
  • mcMMO
  • Inventories
  • Enderchests
  • Player Vaults
  • Island Upgrades
  • Permissions (Permshop purchases & tags)
  • Whatever else, I think you get the point
Here's what would NOT be reset:
  • Ranks (Donator ranks / staff ranks)
  • Vote Top
  • I think thats it.
Please reply to this thread with your opinions, and to keep it better organized, vote on the poll so I can have a good number. As much as I'd just like to straight out do this, it would greatly effect you guys so I would like your thoughts. Please keep in mind when voting that while you will lose a lot, there's more potential for newer players to come and stay when not everyone has insane islands and tens of millions of dollars.

The poll will be closed in 3 days and a decision will be made based on the results. Make sure to vote before 7/11.
At the end of the month, each month, starting with this month, the #1 Top Voter will receive rewards. The rewards may always be the same, or they may be different.

You can use /votetop to view the top voters for the month, and this will be reset on the 1st of each month. The rewards will be given out on the 30th of each month.

Top Voter Rewards for July:
  • [Top Voter] Chat Tag
  • 200 Atoms
  • $20,000
Good luck, and happy voting! :)
This update is much smaller than usual because of all the stuff that has been going on this week, but next week's update will be much better.

New Features:

New Generator Chest:
  • Added Coal generator chest. Purchase from '/genchests'
  • Boosters is a new feature, that give you a temporary boost.
  • Available for money (selling to the shop), exp (anything that gives you exp), and mcmmo (levels).
  • These are an item, right click and it will activate your booster for whatever duration the booster is for.
  • The booster multipliers can stack, but not duration. If you have 3 2.0x boosters for 5 minutes each, using them all at once will only give you a 6.0x booster for 5 minutes.
  • These can also be globally enabled, so occasionally we will have events with server-wide double exp.
  • You can purchase these from or get them from Vote / Planet crates.
As I said above, there will be much more coming next week, we just had a hectic week with hosting changes and such, I barely had time to work on Boosters. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy these new boosters. I will also be announcing the rewards for Vote Top for July, so be on the lookout for that :)
Hey guys, I'm sorry about the downtime we have been having this week, it's been due to hosting changes and then a little problem today that was easily fixed. We should have no more of this unscheduled maintenance and downtime from here on out. The website has been rolled back a bit, but I don't think it matters too much.

Also, I've been doing weekly updates every Sunday for the last couple weeks, but today's update will be put on hold for a couple days as I haven't had much time to work on it since I've been dealing with the hosting changes and such.

You can get to our discord server now, if you haven't joined, with and we also have a new store theme, check it out - There is also a 30% sale on all ranks until Friday, so take advantage! :)
This is just a small update to fix some bugs.

  • All sell chest bugs are now fixed
  • Access to /craft in the /permshop is now fixed, plus I added /anvil to it
  • Auto pickup now works with silk touch
I only know about these bugs because they were reported to me, so please be sure to report any bugs you find to me in game or on the forums. I do extensive testing for everything, but there's always something I could miss.
I'm happy to announce our first major update to Planet Realms. Everything is now on the server as of the time of posting this. If you find any bugs with any new features please make sure to report them on our forum.

Here's the changes in this major update.

Rules: (Click me)
  • Changed the alt account rule a bit.
  • Added a rule against griefing.
Alternate Accounts:
  • Added a new feature that prevents more than 2 accounts to be online from the same IP. This limits you to your main account and one alt account, making it hard to break our new alt rule.
  • We have prevention against VPNs/Proxies, so the above rule shouldn't be easy to work around.

  • Added swear filter. May need improvements as it's basic for now.
  • Chat games - about every 10 minutes a "game" will appear in chat, asking you to solve a sum of two numbers. Whoever solves it correctly first gets $1,000.
  • What are atoms? Typing 'what', 'where', or 'how' in the same message as 'atoms' will message you a little info on atoms. This is intended to help new users as it seems to be a common question.
  • The buttons on the vote page on our website now open the vote link in a new tab.
  • A new reward has been added for voting, flight orbs. More about them below.
  • Vote party - After a certain amount of total votes (between all players), currently 25, a Vote Party will begin. All online players will be given a random reward, from money, exp, crate keys, blocks, and more.
Flight Orbs:
  • Flight orbs are an item that can be obtained currently only by voting.
  • Right clicking this item will grant you fly for 30 minutes.
  • You get 1 for each vote, so voting on all 4 sites gives you 2 hours of free fly!
  • ...
Another small update to fix a few bugs myself and other players have found since yesterday.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with missions progression on other player's islands
  • Fixed a bug with trying to upgrade the non-upgradable default spawners found in the nether
  • Fixed ALL (I think?) bugs with Lucky Blocks
  • Removed Daily Reward (possibly temporary) because of an issue it was causing with the server
  • Lowered sell prices for mob drops in shop (Sorry?) as they were too high
  • Moved enderpearls from misc category to mob drops category in shop
  • Lowered chances for lapis & redstone in generator, but made changes so every 100 island levels up to 500 (so 100,200,300,400,500) will slightly increase the ore chances of your generator.
  • Added Iron Golem Spawner to regular shop
  • Added "Emily", a music bot.
  • You can get to discord by typing /discord in game and clicking the link.
More will be coming this week, if you have any suggestions or find any bugs, please do not hesitate to post them on our forum.
This is just a small update to fix a couple bugs players have reported, and I decided to add in a new feature.

Bugs Fixed:
  • Putting crate keys in your vault would turn them into regular tripwire hooks
  • Clear lag plugin wasn't working correctly
  • Minor bug in shop plugin (had no effect on gameplay)

The new feature I added is called "Lucky Blocks".

These Lucky Blocks can be found in your generator, similar to ores, there's a low chance your cobblestone will turn into a Sea Lantern. You can break this sea lantern to receive a random reward, such as money notes, exp bottles, crate keys, or blocks. If you have silk touch on your pickaxe (or any tool) and you break it, you will get an item that you can trade/auction or just place down and break to redeem for a reward. The only way to get lucky blocks currently is from your generator, and regular sea lantern blocks such as ones purchased from /shop will not give you rewards.

Hope you enjoy this small update, there will be much more coming. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions don't hesitate to post them on our forum!