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I'm not sure what else to add to the skyblock server, all my ideas I personally had have been added previously before we closed the server. Now that the server is back up, I'd like to keep it that way by adding new features. Post below some suggestions you have, and I'll take a look over them and consider adding them to the server.

I'm not looking to go overkill and completely change the skyblock gamemode, but some things that are cool and unique you guys want, suggest them, and I might just add them.
Planet Realms and back and the server is now online. I look forward to seeing you guys on the server. Here are some changes we've made.

  • Removed McMMO due to issues it caused
  • Reset everything
  • @Armagedden promoted to our new head admin rank, and helper rank was removed.
  • Looking for staff, so feel free to get active and apply!
  • We also have a new spawn, - get on the server to check it out! By JustSimplicity
You can now use '/linkdiscord' in game to link your Minecraft & Discord account, then join our discord server ( to get $5K in game money!

Our Discord Server is a great place to be to talk with the staff and other players. We are always active there and available whenever you need us. Important information is also posted there, such as when we will be having downtime or when we will be adding new features to the server.

I hope you guys like this new feature, and I look forward to talking to you on Discord! :)
Hey guys, I'll be back to doing weekly changes to the server as I used to do, so here's what I've been working on and what is now on the server.

Small Changes:
  • Old Skyblock has been removed from our network, and completely replaced with Skyblock2. There will not be a way to connect to the old skyblock server, and it will not be seen again. :c
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to toggle other player's abilities in the /myabilities (player) menu, lol
  • Fixed a bug with monthly crates resulting in a player being stuck in the menu (or a chest, I forget?)
New Features:

Abilities Changes:
  • Added a few new cool abilities...
    • Head Hunter: 30% chance to get a killed monster/animal's head
    • Strength: Permenant strength potion effect
    • Lucky: 25% chance to get double EXP from killing monsters or mining ores
    • Bull: 20% chance to dodge a hit when a player attacks you in pvp
    • Profit Boost: Get an additional 10% of your earnings when selling items to the shop
  • And a couple misc balancing changes..
    • Renamed to 'Not Hungry' to 'Small Stomach', and instead of always keeping your hunger full, it now gives you an extra hunger bar every time you eat something. For example, Melons would normally give you 1 hunger bar, but with 'Small Stomach', it will give you 2 hunger bars.
    • Lowered the extra hearts for 'Absorption'. Instead of 2 extra hearts per level, you now only get 1.
Lag & Lag Reporting:
  • Like our previous ClearLag plugin we had on the old skyblock, I have added a new plugin here that will automatically remove entities (not armor stands, minecarts, item frames, or villagers) to help prevent lag.
  • Staff ranked moderator or higher can manually clear entities, this is something new that will be helpful in case me or Uploader are not online and spawners start to lag the server.
  • Players can use '/reportlag' once every 5...
Hey guys, it's been a bit but it's finally here. I really hope you enjoy this new version of Skyblock as we've tried really hard to balance everything to make the server even more enjoyable and more of a challenge than before.

Here's some of the changes that have been made:

  • Completely revamped and improved economy (examples are shop prices, crate/lucky block/other rewards, gen chest generation rates & costs, and more)
  • New spawn built by @FFLeXample :)
  • Big donator rank changes, such as perks and kits. (Now each rank has a daily & weekly kit, and they aren't as overpowered and 'pay to win' as before)
  • Monthy Crate has been redone, will be cheaper from /buy and not as OP.
  • Vote Party rewards will now just be 1 'Vote Crate' which work like the monthly crates and give 3 random decent rewards.
  • New layout for the kit gui & tag gui
  • & much more

I didn't feel like taking as long as I usually do on a post, so I just gave some details on the main changes/improvements. Come check out the server to see more. :)

Also as said before, everything has been reset as this is a completely separate server from our first Skyblock. Donator ranks are the only things that are kept, islands, money, everything else has been reset.

You will now only see this new Skyblock in the server gui, but you will still be able to connect to our old Skyblock to play it if you wish, by using '/join skyblock' or clicking the NPC in the hub with the name 'OLD SKYBLOCK'.

In regards to the Youtube/Twitch ranks I mentioned before, you will be able to apply for them soon on our forum, once I add in the forum category for them. The requirements will also be posted in that category soon.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope some of you stuck around long enough to see what we've been working on. Planet Realms will not 'die' anytime soon and will continue to grow with your support.
IMPORTANT Upcoming Changes
Hey guys, I know it's been a bit now since I've posted anything here or updated the server, but I just wanted to let you guys know and sort of 'announce' what will be happening very very soon to the server.

As you may have seen, we now have a hub server and we are now using BungeeCord which will allow us to add more servers together to bring you more servers to play on. We currently only have a hub, and we had plans for a different game mode, but very soon, within the next week, we will be adding another Skyblock server, instead.

While we had plans for something different, we noticed there have been a lot of problems with our original Skyblock majorly being the economy. @Uploader and I, (well mostly him) have worked to fix the economy, and we have tested it a bit and think it is much better than before. We will be releasing this new 'revamped' Skyblock server separate from our current server on our network.

This means the current Skyblock server will not receive anymore support or updates or bug fixes (unless they are major). This new revamped server will get all the attention and support, we will be doing advertising shortly after we release it to help bring in new players, and hopefully we will get some of our old players back.

You will still be free to play our old Skyblock, it will stay on the network for awhile, but the new Skyblock will be different and have a full reset, other than your donator ranks.

Any player with the Youtuber rank from the old Skyblock will lose that rank on the new Skyblock, and will be required to re-apply, assuming you meet the requirements. We will also be introducing the Twitch rank, in case some of you may be Twitch streamers instead of Youtubers.

I believe that is all, when we release the new server in the next few days I'll be posting here again. I hope to see some of you back on the server soon.
I lost track of the update number, but here's some new stuff on the server. There's not too much as some other stuff is more 'back end' and not stuff noticeable in game.

Join our community on discord if you haven't yet:

  • The skyblock server is now connected to a hub, currently we do not have any other gamemodes other than skyblock, but this opens us up to something new in the near future.
  • Atoms & the Loot Chest: The Loot Chest in the hub is a way to get access to the (currently limited) collection of hats, gadgets, and pets. You will soon be able to obtain atoms by voting, I just have to set up global voting.
  • You can click the compass in your inventory, or click the Skyblock NPC to go to the skyblock server.
Generator Chests: Multiple changes to generator chests that I hope you will enjoy.
  • No more limits. I have removed the 2 per type per player limit, as it could be buggy at times, and I'd rather let you keep buying if you have the required exp.
  • Removed the really buggy item 'splash' effect when the ores generate. Now to tell when your chest is full or your ores generate, there is a hologram that displays 'Generating..' and will change to either 'Generated!' or 'Full!' temporarily when ores try generating. The same sounds still play.
  • Here's some screenshots of above ^ -
  • Lower prices. I have slightly lowered the prices in '/genchests'.
  • Each generator chest has it's own generation time & generation amount. This is a great addition I really hope will work well, you can also view this new info in the '/genchests' menu. Coal generates the quickest, and diamond takes the longest.
Rewards: (The daily / weekly / monthy rewards NPC at spawn)
  • That reward that has been 'coming soon' for awhile is finally here!
  • Available for all players, every...
Hey guys, my name is Nick (Ign: Psychotic) and I'm the new manager. I'm one of @Tyler's old friends, and I was recently hired to manage the server, the players, and the staff.

We've noticed that our player-base has gone down quite a bit, in an attempt to get more players, we are planning to release another server. I can't give you guys any information about the new server yet, but it's going to be great, and will definitely attract more players.

Application Changes,

Age Requirement

  • Sorry to disappoint any of you, but the new minimum age to apply for staff is now 14. I highly doubt this will be lowered in the future. PLEASE do not apply if you're not 14 or above.
New Application Questions
  • Personally, when reviewing the application as it is now, I see it as too easy. I added a few more questions to it, and I ask all players not to apply until it's updated.
  • The new questions are stated below:
Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience? (If so, explain what role you played, and what you learned from it)
Do you have access to Discord and a working microphone? (yes/no) (required)
In what ways could you positively contribute to the community?
Is there anything else which you would like to add?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this thread, and I will answer you.

I look forward to the future of Planet Realms, stay tuned for a lot to come, everybody.
Hey guys, the reset is finally here. One of the things you are most looking forward to are your keys I promised you based on your island level, please do not ask about these, I will get them to you in the next 24 hours.

Of course, it being a reset, means everything has been reset and all players are starting fresh. You do not lost your donator rank and you do not lose your monthly votes. The top voter reward for July still stands.


  • Added pumpkin and increased/decreases prices of numerous items including IG Spawners.
  • AtomShop: Removed god apples, replaced with 1 hour 2x Exp Booster
Daily Rewards:
  • I have slightly nerfed the rewards you get from the sort of new daily rewards system.
Gen Chests:
  • The generation time has been slightly increased
  • New limits to prevent players having an insane amount: 2 per player per type. This means 1 player can have 2 of each type of gen chest on their island. This is per player, not per island, so the more people you have on your island the more gen chests you can have.
Void Teleport:
  • I have removed the feature that teleports you back up to your island when you fall off. So if you fall off your island now, you will die and lose items.
  • This was so I can re-enable fall damage, as to use that feature I had to disable fall damage so you wouldn't die after being teleported back up.
  • I have removed AutoPickup from PermShop until I fixed a few bug with it, and probably make it work for all blocks, not just blocks from your generator.
  • Wasn't part of perm shop, but I have disabled AutoSmelt, read below under 'New Features' to find out why.
Scoreboard Stuff:
  • Staff and donators now have a prefix & name color above their head, and regular players have a gray name tag.
  • Your health is now displayed under your name tag above your head....
Hey guys, I have decided on a date of when I would like to do the reset, so this will be on Sunday, June 16th. That is two days away from the time of posting this.

There will be a few changes / fixes and a couple new features included, so you will have some cool stuff to look forward to. :)

To clarify on the reset, everything, islands, money, atoms, etc will be completely reset for all players. Everyone will start fresh. Donation ranks are kept, you will never lose your donation rank. The rewards based on your island level will be given out sometime during the day on Sunday, whether you are on or not you will still be given the reward, I will not be going through them until the afternoon on Sunday as I'd like to focus the morning after the reset to discover and fix any issues.

There will be a short maintenance at 6 AM EST on Sunday the 16th for me to apply the changes and do the reset.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply below, PM me, or message me on Discord and I'll try my best to help you out.